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Why am I not able to add products from different product types to my store?

The turnkey store is set up based on the product type you select. You decide which product type you wish to sell before you select the web store template. For example, if you sign up for the sexy lingerie turnkey store, your website would be loaded with sexy lingerie products only. You could add different product types to your store and this is called "cross importing" different product types.

To cross import different product types to your website, your service package has to be under at least "Business", "Premium" or the "Ultimate". You could refer to for the number of product types you are eligible to have under your service package. You could add more product types to your store by ordering it in the ADDON service in your back office.

If you are eligible to cross import other product types to your store, you would need to email to our our customer support at and let them know the product types you wish to import. Our support staff would release the product types to your web store accordingly.