Plus-size women posed in only flowers to prove goddesses have curves

Plus-size women posed in only flowers to prove goddesses have curves

Goddesses come in many shapes and sizes, and these three ladies are evidence of just that.

Photographer Linda Blacker captured Megan Crabbe, Grace Victory, and Enam Ewura Adjoa Asiama in a photo shoot that celebrates their curves, their bodies, and their self-love

The photos were posted on Valentine's Day as a reminder that the holiday doesn't have to be about interpersonal love.


"I wanted to create a special Valentines Fairytale today, to remind you that loving yourself is the greatest love of all," Blacker wrote. She then invited her followers to share things they love about themselves in the comments.

The women's bodies and skin were totally unretouched.


"The lighting, colours and shadows on this shot have been edited to get the golden look Linda wanted, but as always body size/shape and face are untouched, just good lighting and make-up by Ashleigh Bunce," Crabbe clarified in her post.

Asiama revealed that first and foremost, she loves herself.


"Self-love to me has always been about enjoying the uniqueness and boldness of my body, mind and soul," Asiama shared. "Due to the fact that no one else can do this the way that I can, and as radical and effective as I can."

"Even through my learning — which has not been a very comfortable or a painless process — I acknowledge my patience, and persistency in how I worship and delight in the growth of my mental health," she continued. "Big or small, supported or undermined: I care for me and I love me, first and foremost, always and forever!"

"You have the ability and talent deep within you to become anything, to do anything - as long as it’s your truth," Victory said.


"It took me a lifetime to realize my worth, to realize just how bold and brave and brilliant I am and on this day, I want YOU to realize how bold and brave and brilliant YOU are," she insisted. "No matter what, you are deserving and you are supposed to be here — living, thriving and enjoying this wonderful world we live in. If you’re looking for someone to change your life, look in the mirror."