The Back End

The Back End

Here are some of the prominent back office features of our turnkey stores to help you understand better how the turnkey store works. They were designed to help you set up the store much easier and market the products quicker as well as converting more customers.

1. Direct importation of products from - All products would be imported automatically from our website during the process of setting up the store. This would take only a few seconds to complete

products importation.jpg

2. Payment gateway integration - The back office comes with the settings of most of the popular payment gateways in the world. The two very popular payment gateways that most of the online sellers are using are paypal and stripe. If you have an account with them, you could simply click on the "Install" button and it would be linked to the shopping cart of your store.

payment gateway 1.jpg

payment gateway 2.jpg

credit card payment page.png

3. Select any pre-designed homepage banner with ease in the slideshow banners setting - You could select your favorite homepage banners which are pre-designed, based on the different product categories. We have designed more than 1000 call to action banners for you to choose. You could also upload your own homepage banners in the settings.

banners design.jpg

banners design selection.jpg

4. Free Shipping Mode vs Paid Shipping Mode - You could offer "Free shipping" on your store and your customers do not have to pay for the shipping fee separately when they shop on your store. Once this feature is enabled, the shipping fee would be added automatically to the product cost. No manual work is required of you to provide "Free shipping".

shipping method.jpg

5. Overview of product cost, selling price and profit - In the product listing, you could view the cost, selling price and profit margin as well as discount of all the products clearly. 

product list overview.jpg

6. Adding and removing products easily - You could remove any products and add new products in bulk from time to time with just a few clicks

product listing -add and remove products.jpg

7. Making changes to the profit margin, seting up discount, re-assigning to another product category and sort out display order for products in one go - You could perform bulk action on changing the profit margin of the products, setup discount for them, re-assigning them to other product categories and sorting out their display order by selecting any or all of the products.You could also set up the new arrival, best selling and special offer status for the products. 

product listing status setup.jpg

8. Modify product selling price with one click - You could adjust the selling price of all products on your store by changing the desired profit margin with one click. If you do not pre-select any product category, then the change would apply to all the products currently carried on your store.

product listing - change profit margin.jpg

9. Upload your own products to the store - Just perform a few easy steps and you could display your own products on the store as well

product listing - upload your own products.jpg

10. Set up product upsell - One of the reasons that online store is able to sell more than the others is because of the upsell function. With every dollar spent on advertisement, you could now convert more sales with this function.

product listing - upsell.jpg

upsell final.png

11. Re-assigning of product category - You could re-assign any product or any sub-category to another different category, and to add your own product category

product category reassigning.jpg

12. Setting up discount coupon - You could create multiple discount coupons with different discount codes

Discount coupon.jpg

13. Set up product discount with countdown timer - You could set up discount in any product page and the discount would be displayed in a form of countdown timer once you have assigned it with a time limit

reward points and countdown timer.png

14. Subscription box feature - You could offer a subscription box service to your members on your turnkey store. This feature was developed to help you attract customers who like to optin to subscription service. This feature is not easily available on most of the e-commerce platform out there in the market



14. Reward points system and affilaite program - The reward points system would enable you to have more repeated orders on your store. Your customers are given incentives to shop more as they could utilise the reward points for future discount. The affiliate program allows you to recruit affiliate and help distribute your products by earning a percentage from the sale.

reward point back office and affiliate.jpg



15. Making payment for your order when you have an order - This is probably the most unique and amazing feature about the turnkey store. When you have an order, you just need to click and make payment on the order page and we will ship out the order for you. You do not have to place a separate order on our website.

16.  Instant Statistic report - Easy to read statistic report to keep track of the performance of your business


17. Addons - You could add additional function or buy additional services for your business.


18. Bulk upload of customers reviews - Customers reviews are important social proof for your business. We make it easier for you to add reviews to your store.

customer review upload.jpg

These are some of the key features available in the back office of our turnkey store solution. Are you prepared to soar to new heights with us?