The Back End

The Back End

Select the payment gateway you are using and simply add them to your webite.

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Adding and changing homepage banners provided by freely in your back office with just clicks (We have designed more than 1000 different homepage banners for you).


Would like to offer free shipping for your customers? No problem. You can always enable or disable it with one click.


You could view the cost, the selling price and the profit for each product in the product listing.

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Import new products supplied by from time to time or upload your own products anytime.


Import products supplied by with just one click (No need to upload them one by one).


Increase or reduce selling price for all the products with a few simple steps (No need to change them one by one).


You could freely remove products you do not want to the "Disabled" section and assign any products to "New arrivals" or "Best sellers" categories and cancel the assignments anytime.


You could perform bulk actions such as "Re-assign product categories, Change product codes, Change selling prices, setting up discounts, Change product display order"

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If you do not like the original classification of the products, you could re-classify them easily by batch or individually.


You could set up discount for any product easily and set an expiry date to the discount.


You could set up discounts for all products in mass. Just select the product categories you wish to set up the discount on or set up discounts on all products.


You could set up discount coupons and send them to your customers.


You could add any content to your web store and set them up on navigators.


Would like to find out what products has a particular customer actually viewed on your website? That's easy!


When you have an order, how do you get us to ship them to your customer? That's easy.  You do not have to email us or place an order with us for this. You simply need to go to that order in your back office and make payment to us for the cost of the order. Everything is automatically calculated, including shipping fee.


You could see how much profit you are making in each order. 


The back office is so easy to use and you do not need to understand programming to use it! Check it out now!

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