The Back End

The Back End

Freely adding and changing homepage banners designed and provided by with one click (We have designed plenty of banners for you).


Would like to offer free shipping for your customers? No problem. You can always enable or disable it with one click.


Add new products provided by or upload your own products anytime.


Import products provided by with one click (Why the need to upload it one by one?).


Increase or reduce the selling price for all products together with one click (Who says you need to change it one by one?).


View product prices with profit margin easily and place them under "New arrivals" or "Best sellers" freely.


Do not like the original classification of the products? You could re-classify them by ticking and unticking the categories.


Having special offer for selected items? Set a discount for the them then.


Would like to offer the same discount for all products in certain categories or across the website? Do it with one click then.


Would like to offer your customers a discount code? Set it up here.


Would like to add new content pages to your website? Sure you could!


Would like to view the statistic of your sales? Sure do!


Would like to find out what products has a particular customer actually viewed on your website? That's easy!


How do you get us to ship out the order placed by your customer? That's easy.  You do not have to email us or place an order with us but simply make payment to us for the cost of the items in the same order.


Would like to know how much profit you have made for each order? It's in the order.


The back office is so easy to use and you do not need to understand programming to use it! Check it out now!

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