I am very pleased with the level of service and confidence i had rebranding and launching my online lingerie boutique. Turnkeymaster team Jeff especially has provided superb service! Jeff is very informative, prompt with communication and honest. He really helps you understnd the business of E commerce with marketing tools that are easy to use. Thet provide all described in their plan and beyond!!! The back office interface is so easy to use & manage, the products are great and i am proud to stand by my brand and say turnkeymaster was a huge role in it all! Thank you Jeff! You are truly great at what you do. If you want to start your online business Turnkey is the choice and Jeff is your guy!

Latris O. Owner/Founder Posh Group Inc.

When we started “The-Miss”, the most important factors for us were quality, reliability and above all, communication. We snuck a test order from Turnkey to test the quality, and we were so impressed with the packaging, impressed with the quality, the craftsmanship of the product, the speed of delivery, that we signed up our business with Turnkey. The set-up process is very easy. We were up and running in a day. The platform has opened up so many opportunities for us as a business, and Turnkey's support has been incredible given the pressures that we have with the operation. Product range is incredible, and the styles suit the masses! Turnkey really are a valuable asset to our business. It’s been a real pleasure working with Jeff, Yoki and the team. Look forward to continuing our growth with you for many years to come.

Alina and Ricky, Owners of The-Mistress Lingerie

I wan to thank turnkeymaster.com for being so professional and diligent in their work. I am glad to find them who have been giving me all the supports I need in my online lingerie business.
The products are beautiful and my fans love them!
Their private labeling service is amazing! When I am singing, I do not have to worry anything about my business because they will take care of everything for me. They are no doubt the expert in what they are doing. I am very happy with their products and services, and I will not hesitate to recommend turnkeymaster.com to anyone who is serious in building their online brands.

Noelia Lorenzo Monge (Latino Singer)

This is perfect this is so much easier than Shopify thank you so much.


On a side note, THANK YOU for always helping me so quickly. Your customer service is AMAZING! If none of your customers ever told you before, I want you to know that I appreciate you & that! I believe in giving compliments when they are due and you deserve it!!

Monique Spencer

WOW! Wow! Wow! You have done a better job choosing than I would have! You are amazing! Thankyou so much! I am deeply grateful and appreciative to you and your company! Love the items you have chosen. Thankyou so much for the great lengths you have gone to. I can't even begin to describe how I feel right this moment. Cheers and Thankyou Mr Jeff Amazing!

Suzie of Flirtaciouslace

First of all a thank you to your excellent work and service, professionalism and readily available customer support. 10/10. But also work in the business (servers and web platforms) understand and know the work that all this implies. Congratulations!

Nelson Quaresma

I run a few shops in Malaysia and Turnkeymaster.com has minimized the cons of drophipping to the very minimum level. My worry that my customers would always order something that are not in stock has never happened as the out of stock items would be automatically removed from my website! This is a brilliant system as I could focus on my online marketing and leave everything else to them. But make sure you choose the products that you are passionate about because you could not sell something you have no idea about and something that you have no feeling. I ordered a few samples to check the quality and I am delighted with the quality of the products they offer.

Gary Leong
- Malaysia

I am running an adult toy shop and since I came across turnkeymaster.com, I decided to use them to offer a variety of different products to my customers. What I did is I put some samples of their goods in my store and when my customers come to my store, I get them to pay on the spot and turnkeymaster would help me ship the goods to my customers. I do not need to carry all the inventory and I am able to offer the latest products to my customers on my online store. I am very happy with their service.

Derick Washington

We would like to praise TurnkeyMaster as it is a wonderful bonus for our business. We started using it as a "cross-selling tool" for our existing customer data-base but we now also use it to select and stock samples of the best-selling products from around the world in our stores. It's a fantastic marketing tool, it gives you access to many hot products at amazing prices and, best of all, you don't have to stock anything other than samples as the TurnkeyMaster system does it all for you.

Steve Griffin
- Australia

You guys have an amazing website and template! I have found it incredibly easy to use and looks great!

Sean Morgan

I'm very pleased how easy it is to use turnkey webhost... It's probably one of the easiest platforms I've worked and I could add my own products on the site too......

Tracey W

Running a success turnkey store as a busy Mum is made easy by the amazing support given to me by all the team at Turnkeymaster. Jeff and the girls are awesome!
They are very efficient, thoughtful and care about my store like it was there own. They ensure that my orders are given top priority; which is amazing as I know they have many other stores and a busy retail outlet.
A special thanks to Miss Yoki with her attention to my orders on skype I am always be ahead on my work. I love my turnkey store as it allows me to work full-time from my own home and still take care of my children; they get to come to work with Mum each day.

Fifi Groh
- New Zealand

First I want to tell you how much I LOVE this CMS system. I am a programmer and have been working in my spare time trying to get this site up for years on and off and didn’t have the time to get all the products even in, much less updated. I have been up and customizing with your system in one day and LOVE IT!


I already had a turnkey store,it works well. Can I have one more store?


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