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You need to know what products you would like to sell before you select a template for your store. This is because our templates are designed based on product types. We woulde advise you to first look at the products before deciding which product types you would like to start selling.

Here are the steps to get started:

1. Go to the product type page on https://www.turnkeymaster.com/product and decide which product type you would like to sell or start your store with.You could click into the individual product page to view the cost of the product. The product price stated on the product page is the cost that you need to pay when you have a sale.


1 - product.jpg

1 - product page.jpg

1 - product page 2.jpg

2. Review our pricing plans on http://www.turnkeymaster.com/pricing and decide which service package and subscription plans is suitable for your need. 


3. After deciding what products to sell and which service package to go, click on the “Get started” button on the top right corner on the home page to begin. You could also click on the "Template" navigation bar to get started, They are the same.



 4. You would be directed to the template page, where you would proceed to select the product type you would like to sell. Click "Set up my store" button on the product type you have selected.

  1 - templates.jpg

 5. On the next page, select the pre-designed store template that you like to set up your store with.

1 - template 2.jpg


6. You could click on the “Live Preview” button to view the live demo of the web store.



 7. If you are happy with the template selected, click on the “Start with this template” button to register an account. If you already have an account with us, click “Login” to sign in with your username and password. 

 Get started 6.jpg

Note: After the registration, there is no need to confirm the registration in your email.

8. After clicking "Create My Account" button, you would be directed to the order page. On this page, you need to select a service package and subscription plan you would like to start the service with. More features would be available for higher package and greater discounts would be given for longer subscription plan. You need to fill in all the information such as your domain name. 

Note 1: For the one time setup fee, please select $15 if you have already registered the domain name at your end. Please select $35 if you would like us to register the domain name on your behalf.

Note 2: The private labeling service is optional.

Note 3: Please note that the template fee is zero except for mega shopping mall templates.

 1 - order.jpg

1 - order 2.jpg

9. After filling up all the required information in the above, please click on "Save my website info” to confirm.

10. Review your order information and click “Create my order” button if everything is good to go, and proceed to select to make payment by paypal or credit card.

11. After making payment for your turnkey template order, you would receive an email from us in the next 2-8 hours regarding your order details together with DNS (Domain nameserver) settings requirement. You would need to change the setting of the DNS of your domain name before you could proceed to set up and view the website.

12. After you have made changes to the setting of the DNS according to our instruction, please allow 24 hours for the change to take effect. Thereafter, you could login to your account again and go to "Template Order" and set up your webstore. 

Note: Detailed help guides regarding the instruction manual of the back office would be emailed to you together with your order details. If you do not receive any email from us, please check your spam mail folder or contact our customer support at support@turnkeymaster.com.

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