As a fashion supplier, we want to add value to the success of your online business by offering you our amazing products to sell, and by providing you with private label service. A fully integrated and seemless turnkey solution web store is what we do to help you create your online business with a piece of mind.


Build your own brand, while we take care of all the pains- taking works for you

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This is how the magic works

Your most painful part of the work in your online business is being taken care of by us. What you get is a "Done-it-for-you" e-commerce web store in 24 hours that is ready to convert visitors into customers.

Start selling in 24 hours - To place an order for your unique web store, simply perform the following steps:

1. Select the product type that becomes the main product line you wish to sell;

2. Select a readily designed web store template;

3. Select a service package;

4. Select a subscription plan;

5. Select the private label option;

6. Make payment for your order;

We do it all - We take care of all the works needed to get your web store up and running. You only need to perform a few simple steps as follows (As guided by the set up email to be sent to you):

1. Import products that you wish to sell;

2. Set up your own selling price for the products (One click sets all);

3. Select banners and products to be displayed on the homepage;

4. Add a payment gateway to your web store to receive payment from your customers;

5. Complete your business information to be displayed on the homepage.

6. Email the artwork of your logo to us for the making of your private labels.

We ship the products with your private labels -  All the products would be dropshipped to your customers. Your customers would receive the products tagged with your business logo and tags, as if they were shipped by yourself. 


Web store that is 100% mobile responsive - A powerful mobile responsive web store that comes with ready banners, products information and shopping cart system that allows you to freely market it on any PC, mobile and tablets. 

Upgrade your store to a mega shopping mall in minutes - With close to 8000 items across different industries to be added to your webstore, your store would be turned it into a mega shopping mall. The mega shopping mall templates allow you to import unlimited types of products and upgrade your status to a professonal e-commerce company. You could view a sample mega shopping mall on

We provide products customization - We started as a fashion and lingerie manufacturer and supplier 8 years ago and we manufacturer for some of the world's renown lingerie brands. If you have your own unique design, we could manufacture them for you, be it handbags, lingerie, fashion or sportswear. Product differentiation would make you stand out from competitions.

Celebrity like Noelia has been using to build her own lingerie brand 

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We have helped thousands of entrepreneur set up their own online brands



We provide you with a business, not just a web store

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1. The benefits of building your own brand with your own standalone web store

"Build your brand instead of just selling." 

"Target the right customers instead of just cutting down prices."

While C2C market places such as "ebay", "amazon" or "wish" could no longer make you that kind of sales margin that you used to have two or three years ago, it's time to start thinking long term on your online strategy. Based on what is happening in the e-commerce world today, competing fiercely on prices is having everybody killed. Having your own unique product lines, focusing on fans building, making yourselves seen on social media and winning your customer's recognition should be the way. to go.

The behaviour of online shoppers have changed totally following the evolve of social media such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram etc. Human being are totally connected nowadays. Finding a particular product on the internet is so easy nowadays, but it is difficult to find a seller who serves you with with a human touch.

The key is to build your own brand and get people to remember you.

You have full access to your customers information including their contact numbers and email address, which you could make use for lookalike audience targeting on facebook and google.

Your advertising cost spent would get traffic just to your own webstore, and non of them will benefit your competitors. (Unlike other market places whereby customers would also see your competitors' listings easily)

By targeting the right audience and by having your unique branding, you could by all means sell with higher profit margin;

2. You need a strong supplier at your back

We have 8 years of manufacturing experience in fashion and lingerie. We have been providing contract manufacturing services for some of the world's renown lingerie brands. Besides providing you with ready products to sell, we able able to help you design your own product lines and provide products customization service in the long run. With our strong manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, you can be assured of getting things done and save tremendous amount of time on product sourcing, product designs, branding, packaging and shipping. Product differentiation will make you stay ahead in the competition regardless of which market you are in.

3. The power of private labeling with dropshipping

(i). To help you build your own online brand, we provide you with a ready business to run  We are not just a dropshipping agent. We are products supplier and manufacturer ourselves. We provide private labeling serice whereby your customers would receive goods that are tagged with your own brand

(ii). All products would be dropshipped to your customers. This means you do not pay for inventory until you have a sale

(iii). You decide whether you want to have an online store that comes with  selected products to serve a niche market, or you would like to have a mega shopping mall that carries all the 14 categories with a total of about 8000 items that serve the mass market.

>> View sample website on niche products template

>> View sample website with mega shopping mall template

With our 10 years of products design and manufacturing experience, 

you can rely us to help you build a long term brand on the internet.