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What kind of value does Turnkeymaster offers that differentiate themselves from other dropshippers?

We are not only technical professionals who understand the latest requirements and trends on e-commerce but we are also reputable supplier of various merchandise with many years of experience. We know what it takes to be a successful online marketer. We have close to 50,000 distributors worldwide for our merchandise. Our "Done-it-for-youTurnkey Solution Service help them focus on marketing while leaving everything else to us. 

Speed is key in online businesses. We understand what our distributors need exactly to be successful on their business and the following values are what we offer:

1. Best Selling Products

We constantly source and keep a great variety of hot selling products from China as well as all around the world and provide dropshipping service for our distributors. For a product to appear on our database, it has to pass through the following process:

Sourcing: Every single piece of product displaying on our website is unique. It has been filtered through thousands of products on the market before it could appear on our website. Our team constantly identifies hot selling products based on the latest trends, reviews and feedback from customers all over the world. We make sure the cost is low and there is enouth profit margin for re-sellers.

Factories visit: We visit all the production floors that produce the merchandise and our team makes sure the production environment adheres to the international production safety requirements.

Quality Check: We conduct sampling checks on all the merchandise and examine the export certificates to ensure they pass the strictest quality requirements under American standards.

2. E-Commerce Storefront / Shopping Cart Software

We offer a full ecommerce website that is crucial in converting visitors to customers. It has call-to-action banners and the capabilities of capturing email list. With customer's review features and detailed images for the merchandise, it provides a wonderfull shopping experience for shoppers. The flexibilities of changing banners and product images on homepage whenever you like and switching between free shipping" and "paid shipping" mode enable you to target your audience in a more niche and targeted way. Without any programming skill or techinical knowledge, you are able to choose a number of pre-built templates and setup your store on the fly.

3. Product and Image data update automated

Our system integrates your webstore with product information that comes with complete descriptions and clear images. Our team updates your webstore constantly with new products. With this feature, you save time from requesting product information from suppliers, downloading images and uploading them again. Out of stock items would be automatically removed from your webstore and it gives you a piece of mind on inventory management. You can now sit back and spending more time communicating and building up relatonship with your customers.

4. Professionally designed templates and building a mega shopping mall

In addition to a number of professional storefront templates you can choose from, we offer our distributors the option of building up their own mega shopping mall by importing all the products we are carrying. The new mega shopping mall templates will bring your online business on another level as they offer more product choices and most customers like to have one stop service when they shop online. In addition to the professional webstore templates that are pre-built, we can also make specified layouts for you. Just let us know what kind of layout you prefer and we can make it according to your needs.

5. Inventory management and product quality control

Product quality is very important to the success of your business. Without seeing or touching the products yourself before shipping them to your customers, you must have a lot of doubts and things to worry about. But don't worry. We do not just manage all the inventory and keep them in our warehouses, we also check every piece of the goods before we pack and ship them to your customers. Instead of just relying on the factories to check the goods, we double check them in our warehouse and make sure they are fit and in excellent condition. This is the most important part in our business that we do every day. We want your customers to receive remember your webstore and bring you more returning businesses.

6. Amazing Packaging On Merchandise That Gives Your Customers An Exceptional Shopping Experience

Every customer is a gold. There is no point to keep looking for first time customers and having zero returning customers. Our goal is to make every single customer who shops on your webstore have an exceptional shopping experience and with a very strong reason why they should recommend their friends to buy from you! We create unique packaging for your goods to keep them happy.  There is nothing more important than making your customers happy when they receive the goods with a nice packaging. The "Wow" effect is what we are looking for as we want them to feel the difference when shopping on your webstore. It is hard to find a webstore nowadays that put so much efforts on packaging. We care about your business and that is why we do it.

Together, we believe that we would make an impact on the e-commerce world with our service and create more happy customers. Are you ready to embark with this exceptional journey?