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Addons - What other features or functions could I add on to my website?

You could add the following features/ functions or request additional service for your website. Most of these features become with a fee and they are available in the "Addons" menu in the back office:

  • Add a blog associated with your domain name on your website

  • Add a live chat tool

  • Add a pop up window to capture email list

  • Add an affiliate program to your website

  • Reconfigure your webstore and get it SSL certified

  • Upgrade Email Server With An Unique Email IP

  • Buy additional product video (For certain products only)

  • Re-write all the meta titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions for on page SEO purposes

  • Modify wordings on the existing banners 

  • Cross import products from different product types

  • Customize banner for the home page

  • Customize homepage template

  • Modify / Change all the SKU / product codes on your website

  • Request for digital product catalogues/ CSV file for one product type

  • Purchase a unique article of original content with 500 words

  • Purchase of private labels

  • Customization of packaging

  • Place a sample order

  • Ordering in bulk at discount prices