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How do I set up SSL and configure HTTPS for my website?

You could configure SSL/ HTTPS for your website as follows:

1. Purchase the ADDON service for the SSL configuration for your website with one time payment of $25 (Please place an order under the ADDON section in your back office - Click on the top right button "Add new" and scroll to select "SSL configuration", add it and make payment)


2. Purchase a SSL certiicate on the domain registration website where you registered your domain name, such as godaddy, namecheap or other websites. Go to "Product list" and click on the link to shop for SSL



3. Provide us with the following information by emailing to our customer support at, in order for us to generate the CSR codes for your SSL certificate:

  • Domain name

  • Company name

  • Department name

  • City:

  • Province:

  • Country:

4. Copy and paste the CSR codes emailed to you into the field provided in your SSL certificate. Your domain name would automatically show up in the "Primary domain" field once the CSR codes are pasted in the fiied.

SSL - CSR codes.jpg

Follow the steps outlined below to complete the setting up of the SSL certificate: 

5. Select "Nginx" as the server type.

6. Select "HTTP-based" for the domain control validation (DCV) 

SSL - HTTP based 1.png


SSL - HTTP based 3.png

If you are selecting "Email" for DCV, please refer to this link for the steps:

(You would need to have a valid email address for webmaster@, admin@ or hostmaster@ which you could request us to create it for you)

7 . Please download the SSL certificate and email in (In PFX format) to