Shipping Policies


Shipping Policies

In order to suit different markets, our system allows you to choose between "free shipping" and "paid shipping" mode for your web store.

All products are shipped from China and we provide two different "shipping mode" options for the turnkey stores, i.e. Free Shipping or Paid Shipping. Turnkey store members could choose to offer "Free shipping" to their customers by selecting "Free Shipping" mode when they set up their website. The details are these shipping models are as follows:

If you seletc "Free shipping mode" option for your store, the shipping cost would be pre-added to the product cost. Customers would be given the "free shipping" option when they check out the order and they do not have to pay any shipping fee.

If the customers select "free shipping", the orders would be delivered by E-packet/USPS (for USA) or registered mail (for other countries). The shipping time is about 7 to 14 days for E-packet/USPS and 14 to 20 days for registered mail.

If the customers want to have a shorter delivery time, they could select the expedited shipping methods.

Click here to view the default shipping policies which would be displayed on your store when you select "free shipping" mode for your store.

If you select "Paid shipping mode" option for your store, customers would have to select the shipping method and pay for the shipping fee when they check out the order.

Click here to view the default shipping policies which would be displayed on your store when you select the "Without free shipping" mode for your store.

Estimated Shipping Rates For "Paid Shipping" Mode

Shipping fee is calculated by weight of the order. Below are the estimated shipping rates for different countries/areas for reference:

E-packet/ USPS to USA (7 – 14 working days)

CountriesFirst 100gEvery 100g thereafter


DHL/ UPS (3 - 5 working days)

CountriesFirst 500g (1.1lbs)Every 500g thereafter
Australia &    New Zealand$15.00$4.00
South America$29.00$8.50
South East Asia$12.50    -16.00$3.00    - 4.50


Registered mail (10 - 21 days)

CountriesFirst 100g    (0.22lbs)Every 100g    thereafter


Russia EUB Airmail (7 – 14 days)

CountriesFirst 100g    (0.22lbs)Every 100g    thereafter


Aramex  (3 – 5 working days)

CountriesFirst 500g (0.22lbs)Every 500g thereafter
South Africa$16.50$6.00
Bahrain, Qatar,    Kuwait$18.00$6.50
Saudi Arabia$19.00$6.50
Other Middle East    Countries$18.00$11.00


Economy Service (5 to 10 working days)

CountriesFirst 1kg (2.2lbs)Every 1kg thereafter
Malaysia    (West)$3.00$3.50
Malaysia    (East)$4.50$4.50



  • G = kilogram

  • Shipping fee is calculated  based on the dimensional weight for goods that are packed in box.

  • Goods that are shipped in  shipping bags are calculated based on actual weight.

  • Goods up to 2kg (4.4lbs) which  are not bulky could be shipped via shipping bags.


Note: For "Free Shipping" mode, the expedited shipping fee would be reduced significantly because the shipping cost has been pre-added to the product cost. If you have any question regarding the shipping fee, please contact our customer service at

Note: Under the "Free shipping" mode, any order with more than 3 items would automatically be uograded to expedited shipping.