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What is private labeling service? What are included when I sign up for the private labeling?

Private labels are important to your business as it distinguishes your brand from other retailers. We provide private labelling service (paper swing tags with your brand name and logo) to help you build your brand. Unlike most of the other dropshippers who require a minimum order quantity on the merchandise before they could provide private labels, we do not require you to order a minimum quantity of merchandise.We would make the private labels for you and insert the labels to the items as and when you have an order, regardless of the quantity ordered.

Please watch the video below how we insert the tags and place the items in the packaging for your order:

How do you sign up for this service?

You could include for the private labeling service when you subscribe for a service package for your turnkey store on The fee for private labeling service is $120. If you sign up for the private label service after the store is set up, the fee would be $150. Please refer to  how you could sign up for the private labeling service.

What are included when I sign up for the private labeling service?

When you opt for the private labeling service, you are entiled to the followings:

1. Swing Tags - we would make 1000 pieces of the swing tags for you based on the design you provide to us. The tag would come with a string and would be attached to every item in your order before the order is shipped to your customer. We will keep the tags for you until they are finished. We will inform you to replenish when they are finished.

The front of the tag: 


The back of the tag:


Some other samples of the tags of our customers:


2. Logo Sticker - We will make 1000 pieces of logo sticker for you. The stickers are used to paste on the special packaging.


3. Special packaging - We would put your items ordered into a brown envelope packaging when we dropsip your orders. These packaging are pre-made. You could also customize your own packaging if you want to and it would come with a minimum order (Please contact us if you want to customize your own packaging).

S -packaging 2.jpg

*** Note: You would not be entitled to the special packaging if you do not opt and pay for the private labeling service.