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What is a mega shopping mall and how could I get one?

A mega shopping mall is a large scale web store that is created to cater for a wider product choices and categories. A mega shopping mall could carry all the products that are listed on our website, with proper product descriptions and detailed images. Please refer to this page:  for all the products that you could import to your mega shopping mall.

Below are some of the distinct features available in our mega shopping mall:

  1. The mall comes with more than 8000 ready products, all being properly categorized for easy viewing and shopping;

  2. The mall comes with 3 tiers product categories which provide a better shopping experience;

  3. The homepage of the mall comes with complicated display features whereby it could showcase multiple product categories in more than one area to capture buying intentions.

Please watch the video below to experience how a mega shopping mall look like:


You could upgrade your web store to a mega shopping mall if your service package is Business, Premium or Ultimate.

You could upgrade your store anytime to a mega shopping mall by making a purchase in the addon area in your back office. You only need to pay one time for the mega mall template which costs $199 for 12 months.