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Which templates convert customers better?

There is no one template that sells better than the other. The ability to convert customers these days do not rely very much on the website template itself, but the sales copy and the targeting techniques. You do not drive traffic straight to the homepage but the product page. However, there are a few hot templates that our members like. For lingerie, the hot templates are template 27, 28 and 29, mega shopping mall 2 & 3. For fitness wear, the hot templates are template 1 and 3, mega shopping mall 3. For fashion and shoes, the hot templates are template 2 & 3, and mega shopping mall 3. This is a reference for you and you could pick the template that you like.

Regardless of which template you select, you could decide what product images to be displayed on the homepage. If you do not find a banner that you like, we could also help you import other banners to your store.