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Black and White Classic Elizabeth Corset

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Product Description

Classic Elizabeth Corset bustier with black and white lace ruffle top with black buttons, features lace-up back, side zipper closure, comes with matching g-string.

  •  Acrylic Bones

  • Number of Bonings: 14

  • Side zipper Closure

  • Lace up back with 11 grommets

  • 100% Fine cotton twill Lining

  • Ribbon Lacing

  • Lace Trim On Top

  • No Suspender Loops

  • Colour: white

  • Length: 15'' (Size M)

  • Fabric Description: Satin Polyester

  • Bust line: Mild Sweetheart

  • Comes with matching g-string

  • Size available: S,M,L,XL,xl

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