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Short Sleeve Wrapped Chest Blouse Tops And Waist Trainer Corset With Skirt Set

WKD1701 + BD001 + 7037
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Product Description

  • Short Sleeve Wrapped Chest Blouse Tops.

  • Palace style classic underbust corset,  two side decorated with floral embroidery, front steel busk closure, lace-up at back for cinching, it's a good choice to match with white top and jeans.

  • Floral ruffle dress, organza high low skirt with flower pattern, multi layer mesh and floor length dress design, in order to show your leg more straight and tall.

  • Package Included:

    1 x Blouse Tops

    1 x Corset

    1 x Dress


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1701全红 (4).jpg

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